Drone show creator BETA

Create indoor and outdoor shows

Drone show creator is a powerfull tool to produce stunning indoor / outdoor drone light shows.
It enables you to visualise your display to your client and readily plugs into your existing infrastructure.

Advanced light control
Different effects make it possible to easily add fade-in, fade-out, cross-fade, strobe, sparkle, gradient, gamma correction ... on one drone, a group of drones or all drones.

Auto pathing
Changing between drone formations is made easy using auto pathing. An advanced algorithm is used to guide drones between the positions and make sure they don't hit each-other.

Synchronize on music
Add music to your project and synchronize your light effects and movements on the music.

Visualize your show
Show the show to your client or preview it yourself. In the 3d view the show can be viewed fullscreen in any angle.

2d and 3d
The creator allows to create show in an plane or to create more advanced shows in 3d.

Export to execution software
The creator can export to the UGCS DDC software and to crazyfly execution software. It is also possible to write your own exporter.