Drone show creator BETA

What's new

Drone Show Creator V1.5.19 released

A new vesion has been released with a lot of improvements.

Path clip: A new type of clip is added. This new clip allows to create more advanced figures using bezier-curves. After creating the curve it is possible to select how many drones need to fill the curve.

Tween indicator:
When connecting clips it is now visible if the number of drones between the clips agree. The dot at the end of the clip is now red when there are more (or less) drones between the start clip(s) and end clip(s).

Background computations: More of the calculations now happen on the background thread. As a result navigating through the timeline now feels more responsive.

Small fixes
- The action screen of tweens now show percentage instead of meaningless time of 100 minutes.
- There is now a menu item to scale the drones in action popup.
- The about dialog now shows the current update channel (beta / release).

- Fixed crash when editing a figure and undo'ing before the creation that figure.
- Fixed X/Y scale being flipped in the settings.
- Fixed adding drones in figures that have different dimension to the project size.
- Fixed bug where tweens weren't adjusted in a "scene clip" when that scene was adjusted.
- Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to select a specific drone when editing the actions of a tween.
- Don't update the 2D ui when the canvas isn't active. Resulting in the current active ui being overwritten.
- Fixed bug when creating snapshot that could result in crashes when using undo.

Drone Show Creator V1.5.18 released

Added statistics. Shows the speed, acceleration and distance between drones. Also a simulation was included to give a sense how the execution will perform in real life.

When editing a figure it is now possible to show a background image for reference.

The panes of the interface can now get teared from the window into a seperate window.

Bugs fixed when adjusting color of the drones in tweens.

Drone Show Creator V1.5.16/17 released

Mostly a bugfix release.

Drone Show Creator V1.5.15 released

Update everything to use a more recent release of java. We now use java 11 by default.

In the timeline improved the context-menu of a clip. Add the cut, copy, paste and delete buttons. The short-cuts were already present, but no UI yet. Some of the items are now also greyed out when not possible.

The "A-star" pathing algorithm is improved. It is now much faster in creating a solution and will try harder to maintain the preferred drone distance.

It is now possible to combine multiple clips together and to split a clip at a specific time. The feature is visible in the context-menu of a clip.

Drone Show Creator V1.5.14 released

Improves the UI of the spot action. Now you can use handles to increase or decrease the size of the spot.

Opening the export screen is now much faster. We used to calculate some details of the show before the export screen was shown. Now the screen is shown immediately and the values are calculated in the background.

Improved the gradient action. New features include keyframed positions, keyframed colors, gradients over more than two colors ...

Various bugs with the action UI events and making sure we act in the right order on events.

Drone Show Creator V1.5.13 released

Fixed bug where we didn't subscribe to events when switching scenes.

Drone Show Creator V1.5.12 released

Save references to music files relative to the show file. When moving a show to another computer the sound files will get recognised if they are in the same folder (or folder structure).

Drone Show Creator V1.5.11 released

In the timeline text in clips will now get cut off at the beginning when needed. That way the most important part (last characters) are shown by default.

It is now possible to copy-paste clips from one scene to another. Before this release it was only possible to copy-paste clips in the same scene.